Koichiro Horii

is the Xpert Technologies's Managing Director. Prior to leading Xpert's R&D programs, Koichiro managed various large development programs within leading industry players around the world.

Koichiro holds a BA in Computer Science from the TU Geneva.

At Xpert Technologies, we aim to fulfill ambitions. We believe in creating maximum economic value for our clients and shareholders, without sacrificing human values and principles and are committed to attracting and investing in individuals who value ambition, collaboration, integrity and a 'can do' spirit. 

We have created a dynamic, international and enjoyable work environment where our team members are part of a team contributing to the company's growth as an industry leader.

The success of Xpert Technologies is a belief in doing business differently from other solution providers. We all share the same ambitions for growth with principles.

Xpert Technologies is an experienced R&D company leveraging research centers located in Switzerland, Germany and the UK, with a 10-year history in the region.

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