QuickSales Product Family

In today’s highly dynamic business environment, closing a deal quickly is of utmost importance. This requires the production of reliable, but fast proposals that include the latest products and services from a company’s portfolio.

Yet, many sales people still work with a pen and paper, relying solely on the back-office to produce the appropriately detailed bid. This often results in long lead-times for a bid to reach the customer and poor quality of the technical specifications in relation to the customer requirements, whilst often only offering a limited, more established and even outdated product portfolio due to a lack of information on new products and services.

The aim of QuickSales is to significantly reduce the time between the first contact with the customer and the final order, as well as to optimize the resources necessary for producing the various documents - this, all in accordance with the highest quality standards.

 The user-friendly QuickSales product can be totally customized according to the requirements of a company's field of activity. It offers the following main advantages:

 •  The modelling of complex products and solutions. QuickSales incorporates a unique modelling approach translating complex product configuration knowledge that can be directly used by your sales force to prepare a comprehensive proposal for your customer.

•  A user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface which makes it easy for sales people to master the software very quickly. This is a result of 2 years of ongoing development in close cooperation with sales experts.

•  Rapid establishment of the proposal. Whatever the complexity, the proposal can be established in a few seconds, with an equipment list of the requested systems and applications (including feasibility tests) as well as the necessary services. All documents (proposal, cover letter, commercial conditions, etc...)

can be directly created and changed whilst discussing with your customer.

•  No need for specific product or commercial training. As QuickSales has a unique back-office modelling approach, the required know-how for drafting proposals is performed by specialists (e.g. the product manager). Training which is both costly in time and money is no longer required in order for employees to be familiar with all product specificities.

•  Reduced risks of errors and reduction of costs related to poor quality. As the calculation rules are predefined, company employees do not have to sort out details any longer (such as the delivery of connecting cables and manuals), which can be very costly to your company if forgotten.

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